Coworking space

Open workspace

Coworking is a form of entrepreneurship based on networking and performing the activities of different professionals in a common business space.




Rijeka development agency Porin established an open workspace with the desire to enrich the range of services offered to entrepreneurs and craftsmen.

It is a work space that can be rented and is intended for entrepreneurs who do not need their own space or their own business space does not meet their specific needs in certain situations (business meetings, presentations).

Exchange of knowledge and experiences and creation of new acquaintances.

Coworking space as a concept has gained great popularity around the world because it enables interaction, exchange of knowledge and experiences, making new acquaintances and opening up new entrepreneurial opportunities.


 Working in coworking fits perfectly into today's business model - it is flexible, changeable and dynamic.

Unlike the usual office environment, coworkers are mutually independent. At the same time, coworking also offers the possibility of mutual connection and cooperation, so it can easily lead to new business opportunities.



6,64€ / 50,00kn
2Per week
26,55€ / 200,00kn
3Per month
79,63€ / 600,00kn
796,34€ / 6.000,00kn

All prices are subject to 25% VAT.

When calculating prices in euros, a fixed conversion rate of 7.53450 was applied.


For additional information, contact us by email: or phone 051 634 331.