We offer 5 separate educational programs


CNC machine operator

Familiarize yourself with the development of machine tools, basic structural elements and the control system of NC/CNC machines and technology through initial work on the them.

Gain knowledge about the specifics of CNC technology, creating and loading programs for CNC machines using software packages.


AutoCAD operator

Familiarize yourself with engineering graphics and AutoCAD.

Acquire the knowledge necessary for the design and interpretation of technical documentation. Learn to analyze the AutoCAD interface, apply drawing commands, independently create complex planar drawings, define and equip the drawing and transfer it to external applications.


Training for programming CNC machines

Familiarize yourself with CNC/NC machine control systems, a simulation program used to program a CNC machine and perform 2.5D/3D machining simulations for a 3-axis milling machine.

Learn to independently operate a CNC machine to the level of being able to efficiently solve problems in various problem situations while operating the machine.


Basic course - 3d design, modeling and printing

Familiarize yourself with additive technology, the characteristics of the basic construction elements of the device, 3D design and modeling, the basic principles of parameters for 3D printing, the types of materials used, and working with a 3D printing device.

Learn to create a 3D model.


Advanced course – 3d scanning, working with polygonized 3d models, reverse engineering, 3d printing

Familiarize yourself with the operation of an industrial 3D scanner and the process of scanning a sample.

Learn the process of reverse engineering and how to process a 3D scanned model using the tools provided.