Pogrammatically aligned with the needs of its founder, Rijeka Development Agency PORIN is a supporting institution for the implementation of the fundamental strategic and programmatic goals of the development of the City of Rijeka.

Incubation -
Business Incubator system

RDA PORIN has two locations with a total area of approx. 2,500 square meters in addition to the company's headquarters, where activities are carried out, and within which a support system for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs operates in the form of:  

 Business incubator for service activities Torpedo
Business incubator for production activities Production Park
Virtual incubator

Analyses, studies and strategic documents

We have high expertise and years of experience in creating complex business documents:  
Regional and local Developmental Strategies
Sector Strategies
Feasibility and Social justification studies
Business Plans
Analyses and Studies

EU funds and programs

With 19 years of experience in managing EU projects, we provide comprehensive support in the area of European Union funds and programs:
Identification of user needs

Project analysis in terms of possibilities for obtaining EU funding
External aid funds/means
Preparation of application forms

Project implementation

Educational program

Education of entrepreneurs and employees in regional and local self-government is an important aspect of our activities:
Analysis of training needs
Workshops and in-house training in the areas of
management, leadership, project management, business planning, human resources management, entrepreneurship, business development, etc. 

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