Business Incubator system

The Business incubator and incubation is one of the core activities of RDA Porin and one of the models of infrastructural and programatic support to entrepreneurship in combination with the policies of the City of Rijeka. It is one of the main points of systematic support for the development of entrepreneurship.

The existing physical, financial and organisational conditions and resources were continuously developed over the past 16 years which secured the survival and development of one of the first business incubators in Croatia.

The decision of the City of Rijeka on establishing the Business Incubator ultimately led to the founding of the Rijeka Development Agency PORIN.

The changes that occurred in the meantime through the development of new entrepreneurial forms (social entrepreneurship, enterprise development through self-help, start up systems, creative industries, business angels, the establishment of technology parks, student incubators) impose the need for a continuous programatic and organisational adjustments.

In the period from 1996 to 2013 through the incubators have passed over 110 companies with more than 500 employees.









A partnership

To accomplish the objectives, we nurture our relations with the members of the incubators, whom we perceive as our partners, through a comprehensive customer care program. This program, in addition to the services of renting high quality and cost-favorable business space, includes the following activities:

The offices in the Business incubators are not intended for permanent lease. However, the process of leaving the incubator is not a question of respecting the formal requirements but the question of whether the entrepreneur matured to a level that allows him to survive in a free enterprise environment, without the benefits provided by the incubator.

Therefore, without the partnership in the analysis of "weaknesses" of the entrepreneur, it is difficult to apply the formal criteria.

For the incubation process, the existence of space in the physical sense is not an exclusive requirement. Contemporary forms of business communication have opened the possibility of the so-called "Virtual incubators". This model allows a more rational use of space. In practice, it's the point around which different business ideas are incubated or skills, tools and lessons are learned and exchanged through interaction, so that members of such business incubators can implement them in their entrepreneurial ventures outside the incubators. This model is commonly used in social entrepreneurship and self-help systems in employment. Two of these "incubators" will be established within the RDA Porin.