Rijeka Development Agency PORIN

Rijeka Development Agency PORIN was founded in 1996 and since then is constantly evolving as a supporting institution for the development of small and medium enterprises.

Rijeka Development Agency PORIN Ltd. represents the integrated activities for the entire regional development in the City of Rijeka and the wider region. It was established to provide systematic support in launching and further development of the City of Rijeka and its economic entities.

The goal

The creation of many new enterprises and new employment with the encouragement of new investments in the city and the region.

The mission

Stimulating regional development.

Rijeka Development Agency Porin promotes and implements projects of regional economic development and creates high-quality business climate, promoting regional potentials in order to further the growth and development of the region and economic subjects through planning and management of sustainable development and cooperation with domestic and foreign investors.
The basic determinants of RDA PORIN are encouraging and developing economic activities in the region, especially in areas with unused natural and economic resources, technological development, increase in competitiveness, and improvement of adaptability of the economic entities to the global market, increasing exports, attracting foreign investment, etc.

Our clients

The target groups for which we conduct a variety of activities are:

  • major economic entities
  • enterprises (micro, small, medium), crafts, clusters, cooperatives, NGOs etc.
  • municipalities, cities, counties
  • neighboring regions / regions in the wider area
  • other forms of institutional support
  • urban and rural areas which implement programs and projects for sustainable development of small businesses, programs and projects to support youth, the unemployed and other target groups

The founder

City of Rijeka - with a share of 100% of share capital

The total share capital amounts to HRK 2,500,000.00, fully paid in cash